I perform live throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area bringing love and happiness through the music. I perform both Latin and American music, which makes me unique in having any type of crowd enjoying the music. Whether it's to get up and dance or relax and enjoy the music. Whichever you prefer is what I cater to. I am a one man band, I play solo creating the music on what is called a looper and sing and play the acoustic guitar live on top of that, creating a full band sound or acoustic sound, whichever is needed. Anywhere from James Brown, Michael Jackson, Jimmy Buffet, Top 40 music, to The Eagles, John Meyer, All Spanish Music, The Temptations.  I am very professional, and am able to interact with a crowd. You will have no extra cost because I bring microphone, speakers and everything that goes in between.  Clients are never disappointed! Everyone will dance all night and sing along with their favorite songs going all the way back to the 60's to today.  My experience will exceed your highest expectations.